Want to learn to crochet but don’t know where to start?

I often get DMs from people who would love to learn to crochet, but have no idea where to start. So I wanted to share with you all how I got started, the kit that you need and a few of my own favourite accessories.

So, how did it all begin? I set up up my crafting insta to share pictures of my knits initially, hence my @catknit_ handle, so I was already a seasoned knitter when I first tried crochet. I came across a pattern book with some amazing amigurumi Christmas decs and knew I wouldn’t be able to get the same look with knitting so I decided it was time to learn!

Step 1 – Where to learn from:
Personally, I like to learn from a mix of print and video, so I went and bought a beginners crochet book which had step by step pictures and plenty of easy patterns to start with, I also used YouTube when I got stuck. The first thing I made was a ball with two stripes, you can find the same book here. I still use YouTube whenever I come across a stitch I’ve never done before. There’s LOADS of tutorials out there so just search for the stitch you’re stuck on and please remember, don’t give up if it doesn’t go right the first few times, we’ve ALL been there!

Step 2 – Picking your yarn:
When picking your first yarn, I would go with cotton as it’s easy to work with and zero fluff means it’s much easier to see your stitches. My personal favourite cotton yarn is Rico Ricorumi DK, this yarn is perfect for amigurumis (I also use it to embroider the faces on a lot of my larger chenille amigurumis). However, you might want to go with a slightly thicker cotton yarn while you’re learning your basics, again, because the stitches will be easier to see! Rico Creative Cotton is a great alternative.

Step 3 – The tools:
Crochet is a pretty inexpensive hobby (until you become a yarn addict like me), all you really need is a ball of yarn, a hook to match the thickness of your yarn, a couple of stitch markers and a yarn needle for weaving in loose ends. Now instead of buying just one hook I would opt for a basic set as it will also have the markers and the needle, and you won’t have to stress about which hook to get for the yarn you want! I’d also go with a rubber handle as you’ll likely be tensing at first and it can make your hands a bit sore if you went with a wooden or metal hook (I speak from experience). You can find the set I went with here.

Amigurumi extras:
If your goal is to make amigurumis, then you’ll need a couple of more things. For the eyes, unless you’re going down the embroidery route, you’ll need safety eyes. I would definitely recommend starting with safety eyes and tackling the embroidery bit later! You can get a pack of assorted sizes here. There’s lots of different types out there, you can also get teddy noses etc but a basic eye pack will cover most patterns.

You’ll also need toy stuffing, Hobby Craft is my usual go to.

Now that you have all the basics sorted, you’re pretty much ready to go! Just find a comfortable spot, grab a cuppa and start getting obsessed with your new hobby!

If you’ve decided that crochet is for you, and you’re extra like me, let’s accessorise!

I keep my current project in a felt caddy organiser, it’s got lots of side pockets for all your hooks, scissors, markers, needles etc. It’s also super cute and keeps your yarn from looking messy on the sofa!

I’m OBSESSED with stitch markers, they make all your progress photos so much cuter! I also love my yarn bowl, it can hold several colours at once (of smaller yarns) and keeps your yarn from getting tangled when working with colour changes. I got mine from Flying Tiger who unfortunately don’t have an online shop, but there’s lots of lovely ones on Etsy!

Good scissors will definitely come in handy, and they might as well be cute as well right? I got mine from Hobby Craft. I also love my little cloud dish for holding my pins when I’m putting an amigurumi together, and it doubles up as a super cute photo prop!

I hope you’ve found this post handy and if you feel like something is missing please leave me a comment below!

Cat x

2 thoughts on “Want to learn to crochet but don’t know where to start?

  1. Thank you Cat. Its nice to know you took time to teach us to get started. Thank you for your free patterns. It helps for those who cannot afford to buy. I love, you take time to educate us in patterns.


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