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Easter Bunny Pattern

Materials:Colour A: 2x Cygnet Jelly Baby Chunky – Dandelion (007)Colour B: 1x Cygnet Jelly Baby Chunky – Blush (002)Colour C: 1x Cygnet Jelly Baby Chunky – White (001)Colour D: 1x Rico Ricorumi DK – White (001)Colour E: 1x Rico Ricorumi DK – Black (060) Colour F: 1x Rico Ricorumi DK – Pistachio (047)Colour G: 1xContinue reading “Easter Bunny Pattern”

Flounder Pattern

Please note, this pattern is for personal use only (this means you should not be selling your makes).This pattern does not come with crochet lessons, basic crochet skills and knowledge is needed.The shaping of the face will require a fair bit of sewing.To achieve the same size and look you’ll need to use the yarnContinue reading “Flounder Pattern”


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Hi, I’m Cat, a Digital designer by day and a crochet addict by night. I first started crocheting in 2016 when I came across a pattern book for the most amazing amigurumi Christmas ornaments. Once I learned the basics there was no stopping me and I quickly started writing my own patterns! Fast forward 5 years and my house is filled with squishy chenille yarns and too many teddies, oops!   

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My most detailed pattern to date, with 20+ progress photos, is now available to purchase as a PDF download!

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