Quentin the Quokka Pattern – Paid PDF

To purchase Quentin the Quokka’s pattern, CLICK HERE.

For my first paid amigurumi pattern, I wanted to find an animal that I haven’t seen done much before, and what better animal than the happiest on earth!

If you’re not familiar with the Quokka, it’s a small marsupial (like kangaroos and wallabies) and is found on the small islands off the coast of western Australia. It’s been referred to as ‘the happiest animal on earth’ after it went viral on social media due to its beaming smile and selfie willingness, give ‘quokka selfies’ a google for a dose of serotonin!

Being a paid pattern, I’ve included a lot more than I do in my free patterns! You’ll find 20+ step by step images, tips & tricks and even a little Quokka colouring page! You’ll have two yarn texture options for Quentin, you can either use Sirdar Happy Chenille or Rico Ricorumi DK, depending on your own preference or yarn stash!

The materials you’ll need are the following:
For each colour below you’ll see two options, the first is for chenille and the second is for cotton. Please note, this pattern has been designed for DK chenille and not the chunkier kind. 

– Colour A (x3): Sirdar Happy Chenille – Teddy (0028) OR Rico Ricorumi DK – Chocolate (057) 
– Colour B (x1): Sirdar Happy Chenille – Ink Spot (0022) OR Rico Ricorumi DK – Black (060)
– Colour C (x1): Sirdar Happy Chenille – Cheeky (0015) OR Rico Ricorumi DK – Rose (008)
– Colour D (x1): Rico Ricorumi DK – Black (060)  (used in both options)
– Colour E (x1): Rico Ricorumi DK – Candy Pink (012) (used in both options)
– Safety eyes: 8mm
– Safety nose: 13mm
– Stuffing

The stitches used are the following (US terms):
Sc: Single crochet
St: Stitch
Ch: Chain
Mr: Magic ring
Inc: Increase
Inv.dec: Invisible decrease
Sl st: Slip stitch
BLO: Back loop only

The type of step by step images you’ll find in the pattern are in style of the below:

Below are the results from my lovely testers and their thoughts on the pattern!

“The first quokka crochet pattern where the result comes very close to reality. A very detailed step by step guide with lots of photos, so nothing can go wrong with crocheting. Those who already know the crochet patterns from CatKnit will love Quentin.”

“I was lucky to be a tester for Quentin and once again, Cat did a fabulous job. The pattern is written clearly, with easy to follow step-by-step instructions and loads of pictures and even comes with a colouring page which my little sister loved!”

To purchase Quentin the Quokka’s pattern, CLICK HERE.

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