Want to learn to crochet but don’t know where to start?

I often get DMs from people who would love to learn to crochet, but have no idea where to start. So I wanted to share with you all how I got started, the kit that you need and a few of my own favourite accessories. So, how did it all begin? I set up upContinue reading “Want to learn to crochet but don’t know where to start?”

Hello Kitty Pattern

This Hello Kitty is made with all Cygnet Yarns Chenille which is one of my favourite yarns due to it’s thickness, which results in such a lovely pronounced stitch effect. Please note, this pattern is for personal use only. Materials:You’ll need 2 balls of white and 1 of the othersColour A: Cygnet Chenille, WhiteColour B:Continue reading “Hello Kitty Pattern”

Love Bug Pattern

The perfect quick make to gift to someone you love! I’ve included lots of step by step photo’s for this one. Black chenille yarn isn’t the easiest to work with so make sure you’ve got plenty of light in your crochet spot. If you’re a beginner then perhaps try swapping the black for pink toContinue reading “Love Bug Pattern”

Baby Pluto Pattern

Who doesn’t love Baby Pluto, to make your own find the pattern below! (It’s important that you use the yarns listed below or I can’t guarantee that the result will be the same) Please note, this pattern is for personal use only. Materials used:Colour A: Cygnet Yarns Chenille Chunky, HoneydewColour B: James C Brett FlutterbyContinue reading “Baby Pluto Pattern”

Winnie the Pooh Pattern

Winnie the Pooh and friends were some of my favourite characters when growing up. From furry diaries to carpets and blankets, it had to be Winnie the Pooh themed. So of course I had to recreate some of these loveable characters as amigurumis. They are all designed with chenille yarn to make them extra squishy.Continue reading “Winnie the Pooh Pattern”